Vultr 2020 Latest Promotions and Gift Codes Collection ($100 CREDIT)

Looking for an easy to use and cheap cloud host for ubuntu linux? Or perhaps you are looking for a Linode alternative? You should check out Vultr,which will send you $100 to test the platform!


Vultr, one of the most popular cloud hosting providers out there, offers a wide range of high-performance SSD Cloud VPS at affordable prices – starts from just $2.5/month with 1CPU/512MB RAM/20GB SSD storage. Vultr has 16 data centers strategically placed around the globe and it will help over 100,000+ their customers can easy launch any cloud server environment at your favorite location. And now they have more than 17 million cloud servers deployed on all datacenter locations.


Vultr provides high-performance SSD cloud servers that boast a global footprint. It aims to create the most reliable and efficient service for launching a blazing fast SSD cloud server.

Vultr offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD) using the latest generation Intel CPUs on a feature-rich control panel. You can choose between 16 low latency locations around the world and you get your cloud server instance spun up in 60 seconds.

Vultr’s Pricing

Best Vultr VPS Promo Codes in 2020

Vultr usually offer many discounts for their customers, especially for the new users. In the previous post, I’ve introduced that they offered the discount 20% off VPS server for new accounts, but it was expired some months ago.

Note: Vultr accepts Paypal, Prepaid Cards, Visa, Master Cards, BTC and Alipay as forms of payment.

1. Get $100 free credit for New Account (News in 01/2020) (first pay $25 to get $100)

You can use this free $100 credit to test all servers in the Vultr platform.

This promotion is available for a limited time, so act fast before it’s too late!

For example if you set up a new account and add $25(The minimum first payment amount to be counted as verified) to it, Vultr will match that and you will have $100 in your account and ready to use.

No promo code needed, just click on HERE for the secret link-GIVE $25 GET $100 in 2020!

2. Get $50 free credit for New Account (HOT) (first pay $25 to get $50)

You can use this free $50 credit in 12 months.

This promotion is available for a limited time, so act fast before it’s too late!

 For example if you set up a new account and add $25(The minimum first payment amount
to it, Vultr will match that and you will have $50 in your account and ready to use.

No promo code needed, just click on HERE for the secret linkGIVE $25 GET $50!

Get $50 Free Vultr Credits Using Our Link

If you’re a new customer at Vultr, you have a chance to get free $50 credit when registering an account. After successful having an account at Vultr, you will need to verify your account via PayPal or Visa/Master cards to receive the credit.

  • This $50 credit free will be valid in 12 months
  • This special promotion applied to new customers only
  • This promotion will expire soon

3. Get $5 free credit for New Account to try Vultr Services (first pay $10 to get $5)

Click below links and register your account and receive $5 free credit for 60 days.

If you have only $10,just come here

4. 60% off  Vultr Bare Metal Instances

$100 In Free Credit to Test Drive Vultr’s Instant Bare Metal. Now starting at just $120/mo for E3-1270v6 & 32GB RAM.  Open to existing and new customers apparently. Existing users need to contact support

Login to Vultr BARE METAL PROMOTION PAGE -our secret link

The previous price of this service is as low as $300/month, but with a 60% lifetime discount, you only pay $120/month.

The $100 credit will only be applied to the newly registered account (using this promotional link), only applicable to Bare Metal Server, equivalent to one month free. Not applicable for VC2 and other services.

5. Match dollar for dollar up to $100 of your Initial Funding (overdue)

Simply create an account at Vultr. When you fund your account we will match dollar for dollar up to $100 of your Initial Funding.  => Read more

6. Get addition $3 when you connect Twitter to Vultr

Just sign in to your Vultr account, Simply follow Vultr on your social media account and you’ll get  the additional $3.

How to use the Vultr coupon?

  1. Get the coupon code from this post.
  2. Choose one of our secret link for vultr
  3. Pick a hosting plan that suits you the most.
  4. Fill in all the data, go to checkout preview.
  5. Enter the coupon code from step 1.
  6. Success! You now have successfully applied the coupon.

About Vultr

Vultr is a worldwide provider of high-performance cloud servers. It was launched in February 2014. The platform’s standardized cloud computing environment is highly reliable and efficient for your website. Vultr’s focus on flexible options which are appealing even to small-scale users like small business startups and individual entrepreneurs for their low prices is what sets the platform apart from the competition. Vultr supports popular Linux distributions and Windows versions. They also offer you the option of uploading your own operating system of choice. is still a relatively new company having been in operation for less than 5 years. Despite this, it has rapidly grown to become one of the best VPS hosting providers in the market, rivaling big names like DigitalOcean. It offers KVM cloud instances that use SSD storage meaning you get cloud features. After launching, Vultr only offered a handful features but has expanded their feature set to include quick deployment, many server locations, ipv6, private networks, startup scripts, SSH keys, and more.If you are looking into getting VPS hosting for your blog or business website, Vultr is one company that you should seriously consider. But do not take our word to be the gospel truth, take time to read through this Vultr review and make a decision after you are done… read more

– The Pros of Vultr hosting: The realability and speed of their servers is really great (in around 200 ms), great uptime (99.99+% of uptime), offers both flexible payments (hourly billing) and plenty of plans, all VPS plans are 100% KVM based, support custom operating system ISO, affordable prices and great customer support.

– Downsides of Vultr hosting: Only offers Cloud and Dedicated hosting, lack of customer support options (just email and phone – no live chats), no DDoS protection.

The control panel has been designed with you in mind. It is customized to make your server management work easier. All you need to install most features is a single click, saving you time to concentrate on other important aspects of your website. Other than the ease in deploying a server at your workstation, spinning up a new server on the move is super easy too. There is a documentation to help you in case you encounter any difficulties with your website.

Vultr Services
Vultr offers different services including great Cloud Computing packages for hosting websites, Block Storage for safekeeping of important files and Developed Instances for developers who want a higher-tier of hosting performance.

Vultr hosting options
Vultr currently offers three types of hosting options; Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal Simplified and Dedicated Instances.

Cloud Compute (VC2)
Cloud Compute (VC2) is a cloud-based hosting that can be deployed from any of Vultr’s fifteen global locations instantaneously. It does not require a long-term commitment. With Cloud Compute (VC2), users have root access to their server instance, choose their preferred operating system, get API access and a control panel with all the features necessary to manage the website and hosting.

Bare Metal Simplified
Bare Metal Simplified is like a dedicated server, only it has been customized for the user to get it up and running effortlessly. In addition to getting full control of your environment, you have unrestricted access to everything the physical hardware supporting your website is offering. Bare Metal Simplified is a powerful hosting option that does not require you to spend much time on system administration.

Dedicated Instances
Vultr also offers Dedicated Instances where a user can rent a fraction of ( as well as all of) a dedicated server. You can rent a fraction of a certain dedicated server on hourly or monthly billing.

Block Storage
Vultr offers block storage at a reasonable price. Strictly speaking, block storage is not web hosting but a storage solution. Block storage is replicated three times to ensure you never lose your data. It is great for backups and providing extra space on your servers.

Get Value For Your Money With Vultr
Vultr is offering some of the best deals in the market. They offer numerous price points and you will always find a suitable plan for your specific needs. You can see their pricing points at, And since their pricing plans are on an hourly basis, you only pay for what you use. No user pays for more than 672 hours a month because Vultr’s monthly limits are capped at 28 days. There is more to getting value for your money than just the price you pay for a hosting plan. It’s the features a plan offers that determine whether you get value for your money or not. Vultr’s wide selection of hosting packages offers awesome features such as their 2000GB bandwidth. Not only are Vultr server packages offered for low prices, they also feature more storage and memory.

Vultr is a great host option for every budget-conscious developer who wants good performance and value for their money. They offer good customer support. You can contact the customer care team through ticketing, email or social media at any time.

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