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There are so many Linux distributions around the world. For beginners, Choosing the suitable version that ‘s easy to get started with, and from the official support for a long time, will reduce so much unnecessary misconceptions. This is a list of the best Linux distributions For beginners, we will help you to enjoy the Linux faster. Let ‘s start from here!


First of all, if you start with Linux, it’s not always a good idea to install it on your main computer as the primary operating system, so you should install it in VirtualBox or VMware, which I think is a good place to start.

This gives you a good understanding of how Linux works and how to install it on a virtual machine. Familiarize yourself with operating systems, learn how to install applications and get them running, and then try to install Linux as the primary operating system.

What you need to know

Before discussing the different releases, there are a few things you should know.

  • All of the Linux distributions we’ll discuss work well on standard PC hardware, desktops, and laptops.
  • All Linux distributions are free and can be downloaded from the appropriate website. The iso file.
  • Iso images can be burned on USB and CD/DVD drives using Rufus or Unetbootin.
  • You can also run these Linux distributions in real time from the installation media.


Ubuntu Linux

There is no list of Linux distributions that would be complete without the inclusion of Ubuntu. It is based on Debian Linux and many of other Linux distributions are based on Ubuntu. It is one of the most user-friendly and most stable distributions out there.

A recent iteration of Ubuntu (18.04, aka Bionic Beaver) makes outstanding use of the GNOME 3 desktop, with a decidedly Ubuntu-like look and feel. Instead of only having the GNOME Dash for which to open applications, the developers added a handy dock to the left edge of the desktop, where Favorites are pinned.

Like all good modern operating systems, Ubuntu includes its own app store, called Ubuntu Software, where thousands upon thousands of applications can be found and installed. Although the Ubuntu Linux desktop might not look immediately familiar, anyone that has used a computer or mobile device will feel immediately at home, with nearly zero learning curve involved.

There are two releases of Ubuntu one is LTS (Long Term Release) and then there is normal release the is supported for 6 months or a year.


  • Great community support
  • Nice and simple design
  • Easy installation

The ‘main’ archive of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years until April 2023. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, and Ubuntu Core. Ubuntu Studio 18.04 will be supported for 9 months. All other flavors will be supported for 3 years.

Elementary OS

If you are a Mac user and want to get on to the Linux excitement then you can start with Elementary OS and it will look very familiar to you, it is a Ubuntu-based distribution.

The uniform design throughout the OS is very comfertable and user-friendly. The applications can be launched from the menu or from the dock.

Out of the box, Elementary OS comes with a slimmed-down selection of applications, but fear not; included with Elementary OS is an AppCenter, where you can install everything you need to get your work done. Elementary OS is a perfect Linux distribution for beginners. It’s painless, pretty, and performs like a champ.

Linux Mint

Many of Linux geeks already know about the popular Linux for most of the Linux users Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition. It is another distribution based on Ubuntu, but it looks aesthetically pleasing easy to configure pretty much no post-installation configurations that are required.But for users who have some experience with Linux desktop, it’s more of a personal liking between Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Linux Mint further mitigates headaches for users by using an update manager, and by supporting many popular desktop environments like Cinnamon (by far the most popular version of Linux Mint), Mate, LMDE, and KDE, as well as native support for a long list of applications.

Benifits-Codes, Flash and Additional Softwares Pre-Installed

It is not like there are no codes installed on Ubuntu you can install them during the installation process of Ubuntu but if you forgot to install them then you will find yourself struggling a bit because the repository that has all the codes and Adobe Flash named Ubuntu Restricted Extras but that is not accessible in the Ubuntu Software Center so you will have to run some command to get them working.

On the other hand, Linux Mind also doesn’t come with codes pre-installed but if you go to the Software Manager you can search for codes and will list all the packages that you can install.

In addition to that Linux Mint comes with plenty of applications like GIMP, VLC, etc so you don’t need to install them manually. Not a deal-breaker but still convenient to have them pre-installed.

Main Features

  • Linux Mint Cinnamon is Ubuntu-based Linux distro, so it will fully compatible with Ubuntu software repositories.
  • Comes with a full-packed system including browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback, Java, and other components.
  • Its installation process is super easy for any newbies to go ahead.
  • The desktop environment is really stable and elegant.

Linux Mint 19.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2023.

Deepin Linux

Deepin is a Debian-based Linux distro which offers a user-friendly UI, stable and elegant OS for the laptop. It uses DDE – Deepin desktop environment which is based on QT 5 toolkit. Deepin created its desktop environment from scratch for the average users and provides an intuitive design. It comes with some amazing and useful home-made applications set including Deepin software center, DMusic, DPlayer, etc. As the installation process of Deepin is too easy and straightforward, it can be a good alternative to Windows system on a laptop or computer.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and user-friendly Desktop Environment – DDE.
  • Easy Installation process.
  • All repositories for Debian work on Deepin as its based on Debian.
  • Good Alternative for Windows user looking to try Linux.
  • Come’s pre-installed with some very useful software for a home user.


Manjaro is based on the independently developed Arch operating system. It aims to provide latest and bleeding edge software support without letting the system performance down. The base Arch Linux is really fine-tuned for advanced usage. It not that user-friendly but doesn’t need a long learning curve.

Moreover, Manjaro’s features the ability to automatically detect your system’s hardware, and install the appropriate software just like a Windows-based machine. It’s also backed by a large software repository developed specifically for this distro, and a community that will gladly help both newcomers and advanced users.

Manjaro even offers three “official” flavors: The XFCE Edition that’s fast and lightweight, the heavier KDE Edition that’s more media-focused and visually appealing, and the GNOME Edition with a highly-customizable user interface.



After finishing the setup of a WordPress blog and install a new theme on it, you will also need to install some necessary plugins. Plugins are really necessary for every site to make the site more appealing and professional. Installment of the Plugin is really easy as it doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge. It is a plus point to WordPress Beginners. .

If you want to have your blog working properly and fully functional, you should choose suitable plugins for it. Example your blog is about travel or photo album then you will need some plugins about photo slideshow or photo gallery to make it more professional. There are many free and paid plugins that you can use to do this.

  • There are 54,446 plugins present in the plugin directory.
  • These plugins are very useful for all works in attractive options to the visitors by handing over from the blog.
  • These are helpful as SEO and site optimization purpose on the web.
  • Along with these plugins, there are other plugins are also available on the specified website.
  • You must download the selected plugin from the specified site.
  • Adding Plugins to WordPress is very easy. After that, follow the instructions to the given steps.

How to install a plugin on WordPress blog

It’s likely when you install a theme on WordPress blog. Plugins that are available on WordPress are usually free for use. You just need to find a suitable one for your blog and install it. To do this, just simply login to your Admin dashboard and do some steps below

1. Just go to the “Plugins” option at the left side of your WP Dashboard.Go to Plugins -> Add New .

2.There are 2 methods to install a new plugin on WordPress blog

 Install a plugin that is available on WordPress

Type some keyword in the “Search” box and you will get the Plugin. Simply, Plugins > Add New > Search (In the below image I have taken Yoast SEO plugin as an example).

Install a plugin by uploading a plugin .ZIP file

You can just click the “Upload Plugin” option to install a plugin that had been downloaded in your computer.

Just click on the “Install Now” button to get the particular plugin functionality to your WP Site/Blog.
After the installation has been completed, activate the plugin.

3.Your plugin has been installed successfully. And the next step is configuring that plugin if you want.


After installing the plugin and activate it, you need to go to that plugin’s setting page and config some factors. You can also install some more plugins and test them all to choose a good one to use. Combine some good plugins will help your blog more professional and more effective.

Good luck.

Top-web-hosting-affiliate-programs-Niche in Blog


You can find so many ways to teach you how to make money online, but many of them are mistaken or omissions. Now, there are still several effective traditional ways: blogging, Affiliate marketing, Freelancer and Dropshipping.

These ways can bring you some income as long as you sink down and do a good job for a period of time. Traditional affiliate marketing, is about how to guide visitors to buy products through recommendation links, to obtain a certain commission income. This model is very mature, of course, upstream traffic resources need to be further managed by yourself.

About the network marketing alliance, we can explain it briefly. Many companies need to promote their products in various forms, such as advertising. One of them is to establish an online alliance plan, which allows anyone to join the recommender freely. The manufacturer provides each recommender with a network link with a unique identity. As long as the new user  registrated or purchased the product through this link, the recommender can get a certain commission. Relatively speaking, this advertising promotion model is more widely oriented and low-cost. For the recommender, the entry threshold is relatively low, which can attract more people to participate in this activity.

Network hosts are still one of the most profitable niches in alliance marketing. First of all, thousands of new websites will be online every day. They need to buy web hosts to provide services. Strong demand ensures the sales of products. Another important reason is that a considerable number of heavy users of the network are hobbyists of network hosts.

Top-web-hosting-affiliate-programs-Niche in Blog

To make your task easy in searching for best web hosting affiliate programs. We have shortlisted our favorite and high paying affiliate programs.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting company in the market. They offer first-class services and features to their clients. The hosting package comes in different variants and loaded with lots of useful features for WordPress, e-commerce store websites.

They have an affiliate program which is very simple to signup. The affiliate program offers 25$ on every successful signed-up customer and a 10% recurring commission every month for a year. The retention ratio of Cloudways is 90%, which means it is rare for clients to drop Cloudways.

In case you’re just going to sign up for Cloudways hosting then make sure you use a few cloudways promo codes source here which will help you earn some discount.

2. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is another best web hosting that offers excellent service to their customers, and there is a rare chance of people unhappy with them. WPX Hosting allows you to host multiple domains in a single hosting plan.best for those who have various websites.

They run an affiliate program which is very popular among affiliate marketers. Because it offers eye-popping commission, in the affiliate dashboard, you will get many tools to boost sales and track reports.

The commission plan is a bit different from WPX hosting. In the first ten sales, you will make about 70$ commission and when the purchases start growing, then the commission will too. When you reach 100 sales in a month, then you will get 100$ commission for each sale.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is the widely used web hosting service for WordPress, and that makes it most used affiliate programs to earn a significant commission on sales. It is the favorite affiliate program of many prominent affiliate marketers.

Bluehost is a good web hosting, so you don’t have to work hard in getting sales. Their reputation will do it for you, and you can enjoy a considerable commission.

Bluehost affiliate program pays 65$ for each sale, and the minimum threshold to get paid is 100$. You will get your payment in PayPal account within 45days.

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is another best web hosting, which is famous for hosting websites. The fun facts are that the same company EIG owns Bluehost and Hostgator both. Now you can understand why they have almost similar plans and offerings. You can quickly sell HostGator services to anyone due to their name in the market.

Hostgator’s commission rates are on how much sales you get in a month. The highest you can earn in a month is 125$ for each sale.

5. Siteground

Siteground is a reliable web hosting all over the world. Millions of users use Siteground for hosting their website, and you can quickly get new clients due to their attractive service.

Siteground runs an affiliate program and offers a massive commission to whoever brings them, customers. The commission rate increases as your sale increases in a month. The highest you can earn is 100$ for each sale in a month.

6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks have made their name in providing environment-friendly web hosting. They invest three times of their earning in environmental projects, and they offer fantastic services at an affordable price.

You can promote them and earn money from their affiliate program. The company offers high commission in minimum sales. The highest commission you can get is 100$ for each sale. Only six sales are needed to reach the highest commission in a month.

7. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is a viral web hosting that offers various affordable Hosting like dedicated Hosting and VPS hosting. They have many features and services to offers like free domain, and you can earn a massive commission by promoting their plans.

There is no limit on earning a commission. You can receive as much as you want. The commission rate will increase as per your sales. If you get 30 sales in a month then for each sale you will earn a commission of 120$.

8. IPage

IPage owned by EIG group which also owns Hostgator and Bluehost companies. IPage is a right web hosting provider for hosting WordPress blogs. They provide excellent features and services to their clients.

They run their affiliate program through which you can earn a commission by promoting their hosting plans. If you are promoting shared and VPS plan, then you will get a commission of 105$, for WordPress 120$ and for the dedicated plan you get 150$.

9. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best WordPress hosting service. They are offering the best services for WordPress websites and have gained millions of users. They also provide a large commission on promoting their Hosting.

The commission will increase as your sales will grow, and it can go up to 140$ for each sale in a month. You will get your commission in your account within 45 days.

10. WPEngine

WPEngine is the highest paying commission affiliate program on our list. In the WPEngine affiliate program, you can earn up to 200$ per sale. The best thing about their affiliate program is that they also give a commission of 50$ for each sale your sub-affiliate will make.

The End

It is an excellent method to earn extra commission from your sub-affiliates. Means as much sales they will make you will get commission without doing anything.

Here our list end of top 10 best web hosting affiliate programs. All the mentioned web hosting affiliate programs are tried and tested by us, and we have successfully earned a lot of commission by promoting them. So you can earn from them too.

Linode 2020 Promo Code – Get Up to $20 Free Credit


Besides Vultr, DigitalOcean, SiteGround, Linode is one of the most famous cloud server providers all over the world with 11 datacenters.

We’re proud to announce Linode is heading down under later this year for the launch of our newest data center: Linode Sydney. This will be our 11th data center worldwide and comes on the heels of our recent global expansion to Toronto and Mumbai.

Linode services have many incredible reviews with a high-quality cloud server, nice, fast and helpful support. If you have never tried Linode before, the company gives you some promo code, up to $20 free credit to test their services.

2020 Latest Linode Coupon 

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Simply sign up a new account following this secrect coupon link-www.linode.com, then use one of the coupon codes below, you will receive the credit for free.

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Note: The free credit gift codes are valid for new customers only. Linode do not accept PayPal so you can make your payment with Credit Card.

Yes! $60 usd for 24G ram in Sydney, with flat bandwidth overage and allocation! Heck, any “extra” bandwidth pricing will still be better than the current alternatives. Don’t tell anyone I said this.

Click on any of our Linode discount links on this page and get hosting starting at $5 per month!

About Linode

Linode  was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker and has grown over the years to incorporate cloud hosting options.

Based in Galloway, and have ten datacenters locations in Tokyo, London, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas and California. Linode has customers in 131 countries and focuses solely on Linux hosting.


  • Perfect for Linux experts who want SSH and root access
  • Great pricing on VPS and dedicated server plans
  • Get almost unlimited power over your servers


  • Managed plans cost extra
  • Fee for automated backups

In reviews from actual users on our site, Linode scores 4.7 stars out of 5, with a perfect 5 for Value.

Have fun!

DigitalOcean 2020 Coupons – Donate $100 Free Credit


As one of the famous VPS providers today, in addition to Vultr, DigitalOcean also has a series of active coupons available when applying for new accounts.

When registering for a new account, verify your account (recharge using Paypal or add visa information) and you will receive an additional $100 in your account.With a cheap price level, you can start for only $5/month ($0.007/hr) and have 1GB of memory, 1 Core CPU, 25GB SSD disk and 1TB bandwidth. No need to worry about payment method cause you can easily use PayPal or Credit Card to pay.

The latest DigitalOcean Coupons/Promo Codes in 2020

The latest Promo actived

Latest Promo>> Get $100 FREE Credit to try DigitalOcean services<<

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Free credit active: Everyone you come with my refer link to started on DigitalOcean will gets $100 in credit over 60 days.No Promo Code required! updated:20191218.

Promo Code

DigitalOcean often offers free credit for new customers with Promo Code. After registering an account, go to Settings/Billing and enter the coupon code in the field, you will get $10 for free. The amount can be used for 2 months with the $5/month plan – 1GB of memory.

Promo Codes Description
LOWENDBOX Get $15 Free in Your New DO Account
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DODEPLOY Get $10 Free in Your New DO Account

Note:* Each account only use coupon is a single so you choose which coupon is also. Limited time of 12 months.

Note: From 03/2019, we were able to use Debit Card to verify account at DigitalOcean.

How to getting Free Credit

  1. Register new account at Digital Ocean (absolutely not registered multiple accounts to prevent mass ban)
  2. Access and confirm the email address.
  3. Add $5 through your PayPal account or enter your Visa/Master Card information to verify your account in the Billing section.
  4. Enter the code in the Promo Code box, your account’ll receive $50 right away.
You must enter the Promo Code immediately after verifying your account. Each account can only use Coupon/Promo Code once, can see the coupon used in Billing. If you do not add credit card information, please verify by adding money through your Paypal account.
Have fun!

CloudCone Hourly Billed KVM Offers – Semi-Managed Cloud Servers from $20/Year


CloudCone is a Cloud Hosting Services Provider that provides hourly billed cloud virtual private servers, WordPress cloud hosting and high performance bare metal dedicated servers as their primary services. They offer a stack of cloud services that collaborate together to provide a reliable and an efficient infrastructure for your online presence.

Cloud Features

Remote Reboot: Reboot, boot and shutdown your server any time with just a click of a button
Root Access: Full ‘root’ access giving you complete freedom to manage your server
Monitoring: Easy access to critical information such as bandwidth, disk and CPU usage
Scale Resources: Add or remove resources on the go anytime depending on your needs
100% Intel CPUs: Utilize the full power of Xeon E5 cores clocked at 2.00 Ghz for high speed computing
OS Re-installation: Quickly rebuild your server with a new Operating System and start from scratch
Online Hourly Billing: Bill when your server it’s online and switch it off when you don’t need it to reduce your bill even more
Fully Managed: They are always available online to help you resolve technical problems along with best effort 3rd party app support

Hourly Billed KVM Plans

Simple hourly pricing. Choose resources you need and pay for what you ‘actually’ use.Try building your server below by scaling resources up and down to see your pricing.

* Create an account: https://app.cloudcone.com/signup

NOTE: Add funds to match the relevant plan before deploying

The amount is limited so if you need to register quickly. CloudCone is used by many members CouponTree and good evaluation. Note to add funds before deploying.


1 vCPU Core
256 MB RAM
10 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4
1 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS
Weekly backups

$15.98/YR (billed $0.00179 /HR)
Order here: https://app.cloudcone.com/compute/237/create


1 vCPU Core
512 MB RAM
20 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4
2 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS
Weekly backups

$19.91/YR (billed $0.00223 /HR)
Order here: https://app.cloudcone.com/compute/238/create


1 vCPU Core
40 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4
2 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS
Weekly backups

$2.99/MO (billed $0.00402 /HR)
Order here: https://app.cloudcone.com/compute/235/create


2 vCPU Core
60 GB RAID 10 Storage
1 x IPv4
2 TB Bandwidth
Free AnyCast DNS
Weekly backups

$5.99/MO (billed $0.00805 /HR)
Order here: https://app.cloudcone.com/compute/236/create

NOTE: Add funds to match the relevant plan before deploying


  • BBR Template Available: FREE
  • cPanel License: $11 per month
  • Additional IPv4: $1.00 per month
  • CDN: $0.045 per GB (45 Pops in 6 contintents)
  • 1 Tb/s Dedicated Anti-DDoS Protection: $2.50 per month per IP


  • AnyCast DNS
  • DDoS protection – https://cloudcone.com/ddos-protection/
  • 7 Day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

CloudCone Network

  • Looking Glass: http://la.lg.cloudc.one
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The TOP Best Games For Ubuntu

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