After finishing the setup of a WordPress blog and install a new theme on it, you will also need to install some necessary plugins. Plugins are really necessary for every site to make the site more appealing and professional. Installment of the Plugin is really easy as it doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge. It is a plus point to WordPress Beginners. .

If you want to have your blog working properly and fully functional, you should choose suitable plugins for it. Example your blog is about travel or photo album then you will need some plugins about photo slideshow or photo gallery to make it more professional. There are many free and paid plugins that you can use to do this.

  • There are 54,446 plugins present in the plugin directory.
  • These plugins are very useful for all works in attractive options to the visitors by handing over from the blog.
  • These are helpful as SEO and site optimization purpose on the web.
  • Along with these plugins, there are other plugins are also available on the specified website.
  • You must download the selected plugin from the specified site.
  • Adding Plugins to WordPress is very easy. After that, follow the instructions to the given steps.

How to install a plugin on WordPress blog

It’s likely when you install a theme on WordPress blog. Plugins that are available on WordPress are usually free for use. You just need to find a suitable one for your blog and install it. To do this, just simply login to your Admin dashboard and do some steps below

1. Just go to the “Plugins” option at the left side of your WP Dashboard.Go to Plugins -> Add New .

2.There are 2 methods to install a new plugin on WordPress blog

 Install a plugin that is available on WordPress

Type some keyword in the “Search” box and you will get the Plugin. Simply, Plugins > Add New > Search (In the below image I have taken Yoast SEO plugin as an example).

Install a plugin by uploading a plugin .ZIP file

You can just click the “Upload Plugin” option to install a plugin that had been downloaded in your computer.

Just click on the “Install Now” button to get the particular plugin functionality to your WP Site/Blog.
After the installation has been completed, activate the plugin.

3.Your plugin has been installed successfully. And the next step is configuring that plugin if you want.


After installing the plugin and activate it, you need to go to that plugin’s setting page and config some factors. You can also install some more plugins and test them all to choose a good one to use. Combine some good plugins will help your blog more professional and more effective.

Good luck.

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